Question: Maple 14 - Resource file creation problem

Hi! We just got the new Maple 14 and I'm having problem creating the resource file by using this command: "Maple14WindowsInstaller.exe -r". My steps are that I want Maple 14 to be the default application, no shortcut on the desktop and we are using a network server for our licenses. But, each time it gets to the installing part and seems to do nothing at all! In fact, once I let the installer run for 2 hours and it didn't installs anything. In other words, I can't create a resource file. I tried to run it on VMware workstation using Windows XP Pro SP3 French Edition, tried to run it on a normal computer running Windows XP Pro SP3 French Edition, etc. without any success. So any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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