Question: Adding procedures as if they were operators

Hi everyone, I just created my account in mapleprimes but I regularly find solutions to my problems searching through the posts, however, this time I was not so lucky.

I have the following problem in Maple: I have defined two procedures, A(v::array) and At(v::array) which perform simple algebraic tasks on 2x1 arrays. Then, I redefined the operation `+` when acting on two such arrays using overload. This new definition for addition does not correspond to normal matrix addition, that's why I had to redefine it. So far, so good, expressions like these ones,

> v1+v2;

> A(v1)+At(v1);

work great when v1 and v2 are arrays. Maple uses the new definition for `+` in the last expression. Now comes my problem, when I try to do something like this

> (A+At)(v1);

which I thought would give the same result than that of A(v1)+At(v2), but instead produces an "unevaluated" sum which I don't get Maple to evaluate with the new definition, how can I achieve what i want ?

Here is a simplified example of my code(not the actual procedures but simpler ones, for matter of clarity)

Plz help me !!!

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