Question: Physics package bug?

Using the Physics package I am trying to define commutation rules between operators. However it looks like when the commutator involves a Dagger, it is not "remembered" properly. Here is a (contrived) example (you might have to run it on your machine in case not clear from copy/paste what's going on):


Setup(quantumoperators={a, b, c});
                       [quantumoperators = {a, b, c}]
#want [a,c]=0 and [Dagger(a),c]=0
Setup(algebrarules={%Commutator(Dagger(a), c)=0, %Commutator(a, c)=0});
   [algebrarules = {%Commutator(a, c) = 0, %Commutator(Dagger(a), c) = 0}]

#Also want [b,c]=0 and [Dagger(b), c]=0
Setup(algebrarules={%Commutator(Dagger(b), c)=0, %Commutator(b, c)=0});
       [algebrarules = {%Commutator(a, c) = 0, %Commutator(b, c) = 0, %Commutator(Dagger(b), c) = 0}]

#... but now [Dagger(a), c]=0 has been "forgotten" by maple.

Is this a bug?


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