Question: How do I solve equation system +nonlinear vars= x y z w and xy x^2 y^2 Y^3 ?


I started my university project 5 months ago and working with maple from that time.

I used maple help to solve my problem but for this one I could not.

I have equation system with 4 equations and variables are for example x y z w .

The problem is I  have  xy  x^2  x^3  yw   in my equations so maple with solve could not solve that.

On the other hand,the equation are parametric and non numeric I mean the answer of x or the other cannot be a number . 

Is there any package with() which can solve that?

I dont know how to attach the maple file of that equation

In that file  M_r   N_r   M_teta   N_teta    are variables

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