Question: 2D input in the modern worksheet mode

Dear Maple lovers,

As a classical worksheet user from the past years, now I'd like to be a "modern" Maple user, using the 2D Input in the modern worksheet mode (I will call it mwm from now on). But, alas, I cannot even solve a simple equation!

To describe my situation let me state the following:

1. I use 64 bit Maple 14 Student Edition (single user) under 64 bit Windows 7.

2. Here's how I installed Maple 14: During the installation I used "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\bin\amd64\vcvarsamd64.bat" for the Visual C++ compiler. This was the closest choice to "vcvars64.bat" which I don't have.

3. After the installation, I can open the mwm and use 1D Input (Maple Input) mode without any problems (I still cannot copy 2D output into a 1D Input line but this is not my question at this moment, I've asked it here but couldn't get a working answer).

By the way, when starting the Maple, it prompts, "Setting environment for using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 X64 tools." and it prompts it in a DOS (command) window everytime I start Maple.

4. In 2D Input mode (Math mode) I type solve(x+4=0,x) and hit enter but nothing happens! No error, ne result, no cursor in the next line!

By the way, I wanted to copy my expression from Maple and paste here but I couldn't do it either. Again nothing! As if I haven't copied anything. I cannot also copy and paste from 2D Input to a 2D Input line.


Any solutions, comments? I don't want to die as a 1D user.

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