Question: animation/ plot of surface levels in 3D

Dear Maple helpers. Here a toy-version of my huge problems.


I want to do following:


1). Assuming (0 <a=1/2,  b=1/2, c=1/2)


I want  to plot (the surface of)  


f(x,y,z) = x^a * y^b * z^c   in the space (x,y,z) for

f(x,y,z)=50, 100 and 150, and with  x=0..40 ,  y=0..40, z=0..40


I tried with plot3d but it is not possible.  How could I do with Maple 14?


2.  Assuming (0 <a<1, 0<b<1, 0<c<1), it would be possible to represent a plot in 3D for different values of (a,b,c) using the option of ANIMATION (or something similar)?

Kind regards,



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