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Acer (and others),

I don't quite understand what you mean due to my relatively bad English.

I just got that you need to know:

Maple 2016.1 64 bit on a Windows 10 machine.

Intel i7 8 cores with 32 Go RAM.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 with 4 Go GDDR and 1024 cores.

I will continue "testing" CUDA.




@acer @tomleslie

It is exactly what I was looking for.

I should have RTFunnyM :)



You could have cited the sources for your question.

It is from the (excellent) book by Dr Corless (Essential Maple 7).


Thanks a lot Acer, I will have learnt something today especially "method".



Thank you Carl and Acer :) I MUST be silly!

As to Maple 7..Definitively NO.

Expand... Well :)


Thankx a lot Kitonum.

I wanted something like CTRL+mouse-whatever like it is in View3DScene or MMA.

I know I can pull down a menu and select zoom in/out.

Maybe it is a SCR.

Regards to all,



I'm sorry Markiyan, I read Carl's answer but yours was not updated at the moment i thank Carl :)

JM Collard

Thank you very much Carl.

Next time I will read more and more the RTF..unnyM :)

JM Collard

You do not want to confuse Maple with MMA!


On occasion I also have a kernel connection lost between the frontend and the kernel on a Windows 7 machine Maple 17 X64, or it takes a "lot" of time to load the kernel.


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