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I have an array I have defined within Maple - how does one plot the array? I have tried defining a function mapping the index to the element of the array, but it's not clear how to restrict that to integers ... -Monty
I am trying to create an array for testing the FFT errors within maple. Every time I try to assign values to the 1024-element array, the program prints them all out. Is there any way to turn this off?
I have defined a function: ft(n,v)=Zeta(0,n+1,1-2*Pi*v*I)/Zeta(n+1) mag(n,v)=sqrt(ft(n,v)*conjugate(ft(n,v))) I want to find the points v at which mag(n,v)=0.5 (i.e. for n=2,3,4, etc.) Any of the so-called numerical solver techniques described in the help file with Maple simply return an expression containing the digamma function symbol (e.g. Psi) Any ideas? Thanks -Monty Wood
Find the solution to a numerical function equation? I have defined a function: f(n,v) = Zeta(0,n+1,1-2*Pi*v*I)/Zeta(n+1) mag(n,v) = sqrt(f(n,v)*conjugate(f(n,v)) For this funciton, n represents an integer, and v is real. Essentially, for different values of "n," I would like to find the numerical value of "v" at which mag(n,v) is equal to 0.5 Using various combinations of Optimize, fsolve, and NewtonsMethod, and interlacing evalf into the definitions, the program continues to give me a symbolic expression using the "Psi" symbol for the Digamma function. Is there a way to define the function strictly numerically so that the symbolic engine does not kick in?
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