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@Carl Love 

Hi Carl,

the things went that way:

1. I tested Maple Calculator on my iPhone and it was graet.

2. I bought the prime subscription

3. no more restrictions - cool :-)

3. I wanted to have it on my ipad too

4. I downladed Maple Calc from app Store on my Ipad

5. Restricted step by step calcs. 'You  only have 5 step by steps solutions a week. Hint "buy a prime ..."

6. I found no way to tell Maple that I have already have a prime version 

7. Looked what happens when  I try to have a prime version (not to much money - just testing)

8. No way. "you already have prime ..."

9. reinstalled maple from app Store

10. Same problem: restricted version -> "buy a prime ..."

11. Tried to buy -> "you already have one ..."

Is there a way to get a prime version to install without downloading from the app Store?

Where' s my fault?

best regards



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