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The problem is, I think, that it is "only" a DerivedSeries. If you take

the CompositionSeries that is not available in Maple but in GAP then

the points 30 29 21 8 1 are red marked.


Best wishes


Kurt Ewald


@Carl Love 

Thanks but they are normal, look in Maple


IsNormal (sub[8], sub[21]);  true

IsNormal(sub[9],sub[21]);    true

IsNormal(sub[10],sub[21];   true


Kurt Ewald

@Carl Love 

You was very heplful for me in constructing a factory Group.

I am looking for a method to construct the Automorphism Group of a group G as a permutationgroup,

I hope you can help me.


Best regards


Kurt Ewald

@Carl Love 










40/10=4 and not 40.

Why the procedure do fail in this case?


Best regards


Kurt Ewald

@Carl Love Many thanks for the procedure. But some actions, for instance IsNilPotent(GH), fail. But with a little program I can identify the SmallGroup, that is isomorph to GH.

I had found another way, to create the FactorGroup

R:=map(Representative,LeftCosets(H,G)) and then


The results were the same as with your procedure.

But I was not sure, weather my way is allright.

Nevertheless many thanks and best regards


Kurt Ewlad

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