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I am trying to display multiple integrals with the equation editor in my questions. If I use the name $eqn, for example, it does not put that in HTML format. It may leave it: x^2 +y^3. I have tried putting my variable into HTML in the algorithm but then it will not display at all. Any suggestions? I have avoided the editor as much as possible but it is impossible with definate integrals.
This code works fine in Maple. When transferred to TA, the $i on the index in the coef:= command line will not compile. TA thinks the $ is naming a constant. Any other ideas on how to double index within the solve(op commands? with(powseries); powcreate(Ys(n) = a[n]); tpsform(Ys, x, 5); dy:= powdiff(Ys); ddy:= powdiff(dy); c1 := powpoly($d1, x); c2 := powpoly($d2, x); tpsform(c1, x); tpsform(c2, x); slnp := powadd(multiply(ddy, c1), multiply(Ys, c2)); slnnp := tpsform(slnp, x, 6); coef:=solve({(op(2*i+1,slnnp),$i = 0 .. 3)}, {(a[i],$i= 1 .. 6)}); soln := subs(coef, tpsform(Ys, x, 6));
Still being a newbie to Maple, I am stuck on this one. I am trying to create a general system of changing my equations in an [x,y] coordinate system to a [u,v] system. As a specific example: I have two substitution equations, u=2x-3y and v=-x+y. I have four equations: x=0, x=-3, y=x, y=x+1. I have tried MapToBasis with both static and procedure statements and I am not having any luck. The equations do not completely change to [u,v]. Here is one example: > proc (u, v) u = 2*x-3*y end proc; > proc (u, v) v = -x+y end proc; > with*VectorCalculus; > SetCoordinates('cartesian', [u, v]);
I am trying to convert equations from cartesian to polar and spherical expecting Maple to change the variables from x,y and z to r, theta, etc. I presume I am using the wrong commands. convert(exp(sqrt(x^2+y^2)),polar) returns the same expression in x and y. What is the correct command? thanks
How do I parse the response string with Maple TA? I can make my code work just fine in Maple but that is assuming what type of string $response is. If someone has dealt with this before, I would appreciate some ideas. I am asking for three parametric equations and need to seperate them and use all three for determining validity of the answer.
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