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@Preben Alsholm I don't known, but I see that works fine, 

I attached again the file, for if I haven't saved it before upload here




@Preben Alsholm  Finally, I've written the code in such way that now works fine :)

I attach the maple fili if it is of your interest.

Again, many thanks for your help.


@Preben Alsholm The author has sent me the code, in Mathematica. The files are the following 


There is 4 codes: 1 for the SFC in dimension 2, 1 for the SFC in dimension >2, 1 for the inverse of the SFC in dimension 2, 1 for the inverse of teh SFC in dimensiin >2



I have "unified" these codes in two procedures Maple,


After revise many times the code, I don't find any typo/mistake, but the code seem doesn't work fine. If you know Mathematica, Could you revised, please?

I reiterate my gratitude for your help.

@Preben Alsholm You are right, the sequence B is not used in the procedure inv_sierp, but it is given in the paper's code. The same for the x[i].


@Preben Alsholm thanks for your interest and help.

Please, find attached a file with some modifications of the "sierp" procedure. I am almost sure that the code given in the above paper is not fine at all. Now, the procedure "sierp" plot something "similar" to the figure of the paper (I am not sure that this procedures works fine now). Also, i have added the "inv_sierp", which  does not work.

I reiterate my gratitude for your help.


@Preben Alsholm Thanks for you commet. I know that somethig is (obviously) wrong, but I don't know if the cause is my code or the algorithm given in the paper,


@Axel Vogt  Many thnaks for your interest and help. I have the Brent's book which I think you metioned.

@Carl Love First, many thnaks for your suggestion, I have the book R. Brent, Algorithms for minimization without derivatives, Prentince Hall Inc. 1973

However, I don't undestand at all such code. In this URL https://people.math.sc.edu/Burkardt/f_src/brent/brent.f90 is teh code in fortra99, which seems to can be easily adapted to maple (almost a coy/paste, i think).

@C_R  many thanks for your useful help. With slight modifications, the code seems to work ok.



I reiterate my gratitude for your help.

@acer thanks!

@vv Thanks!! Nice, really nice code!

@mmcdara  Thanks for your code!


It seems that I have solved the problem: In the file IFF_v2.mw, I have changed  global NunFun:=n-1 by global NunFun:=n  in the procedure "CreateDataSet".

@acer many thanks! Now it works.

Great @Rouben Rostamian  !!! It seems that your code works fine..Thanks!! 

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