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@Markiyan Hirnyk well, the point is in finding optimal controls which are just continious..

To be precise, having the functional


wehereas x(t) and y(t) are defined through DEs and u(t) is (unknown) control FUNCTION, is it possible to make use of any of the Maple's built-in or optional optimization packages?

I already have a scheme in Maple via sequential solutions of two ODE systems, but this is not terribly efficient and does not allow for more than, say, 10 iterations in short time.

I just noticed some post on implementation of optimla control problem via the direct search package elsewher on this forum, (http://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/124929-Error-in-OptimizationNLPSolve-Object)

but there it is governed by lotka-volterra integral eqs, rather than DEs.

Hence I thought that it might be the case for system with DEs too..


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