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I don't know if a biography is anywhere near appropriate, but it started with a lot of Number Theory that I seemed to have a natural knack for, but now days I am more about the programming aspect of things and understanding the way maple enabled me to self learn certain concepts in Number Theory, and tackling all the things that were counter intuitive to me rather than what was intuitive But the satirical nature of my profile isn't entirely satire. I am unemployed, and I probably always will be. This is because I choose to pursue tasks that appeal to my curiosity. This way of life is incompatible with modern day capitalism and communism, I value my own curiosity over and above providing a service to the community at the expense of my own happiness, no belief exists bar my own that this is worthwhile, therefore no monetary value is assigned to my efforts, And I remain on the poverty line, yet no matter how negative this seems, it is a choice, the times in my life I have attempted to take my own life were when I focused on wealth accumulating activities in precedence to my curiosity, despite my social and financial circumstance being supposedly far better at the time. And for those conservative simpletons that do not understand these choices I make, I say good day.

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