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Show me how you recovered this when I download his sheet it is blank

@Carl Love  yeah i remember a while back i encountered alot folk trying to tell me that 0 is a natural number and i think this might be central to that kind of fallacy forming, it's funny it's one of those mistakes that seems impossible to completely overcome without constant reminder, and it's easy to fool yourself into thinking you're above making such a simple error

@Christian Wolinski 


Ok thanks i yes i cannot believe how embarassingly simple it really was

@acer  ok great so all I need to do is make plain text files for every commandline in my worksheet and replace them in the worksheet with a read command, and it will flow as per my previous expectation?


Yes in addition to the issue with "\", which is normally remedied by adding an additional "\" when the string is intended to be taken as a file path either buy currentdir() or a command from the file tools package, sometimes an additional white space is added when one of the path's subdirectories contains a whitespace, and so this eliminates the option of my using the DeleteSpace command from the StringTools package as i have done before, so I think perhaps the easiest way for me to get by this issue is to either write a sh script or powershell script that will replace all white spaces in the directories within my parent directory, enabling me to avoid the errors that seem to arise when using these two maple packages together, I mean they are both indisposable for me personally so I can't avoid using the two in the same worksheet.



This is very stange for me, it can launch notepad.exe no problem without a path specified, even though currentdir() isnt the path of notepad...

@acer basically i have made a .ps1 file that will change any .html to a .txt file, which i intend to then import into maple which will extract the urls contained within it and save them to a new txt file, the original html is my favourites exported from the EDGE browser, but i am new to computing and there is all of this additional content in the html thats makes me feel suspicious, so i am making a maple worksheet that strips it down to only  a  list of websites i put in my favourites 

@fzfbrd  i have but only briefly thanks i will give this a go

This isn't something that will be included if I update my maple 16 is it? :-(

@mmcdara Sure yes the original code i made was because i dont like seeing the logical connectives in inequality related problems thats why i used the "``" things in the beginning, but i guess i need to give up being pedantic about the presentation of output for this one

@tomleslie oh ok thanks very much i guess i just then decided i want a windows 7 VM it isnt important you're right



Ok thanks Tom in all fairness i havent actually tried the worksheet on the regular types of html docos that a new programmer is familiar with, nor have i tried. Can you please direct me to a link of that windows build so i can make a virtual and run your worksheet from that?

@Carl Love  please in future assistance (which i very much appreciate) try to use less rapey and terrifying hypotheticals.

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