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These are questions asked by Ahmed111

Why maple return trivial solution after integration (see (11) in the attached .mw))? The result should be some non-trivial solution.


I want to find the relation between w and k by putting Determinant(A) is equal to zero. Since the determinant is large (A is a matrix of size 6x6) and I am not able to find the simplified expression. How to do that?



Why solutions (5) and (6) are different? The solution (5) is obtained by putting f=0 of the series, while (6) is the result by taking limit at f->0. 


How can we export image with minimum size? I plot the solution and then export the image as an .eps file. But when I try to generate the generate the pdf file on Latex, the file size is too large. But when I plot the solutions on Matlab and export the images as .eps file, then Latex generate pdf file with samll size. Why Maple generate images of large sizes?


How to replace 7th-row(second last) of the matrix H116 (see eq. (14)) with the 1st-row of the matrix H16 (see eq. (15)) and create a new matrix of size same as H116?


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