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I received my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and I have been teaching since then at SUNY Oneonta for 1 year, at Shepherd University for 5 years, at Tennessee Tech for 2 years, at Lane College for 1 year, and this year I taught at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. My research interests include Representation Theory and Combinatorics.

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Take a look at one of the most successful software companies, Microsoft.

Their most successful operating system names were either year-related, 95, 98, and 2000, or had some names, XP and Vista. Their latest Office software were named as Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007.  Visual Studio .NET, 2005, and 2008.

Continuing traditional Maple naming scheme, the next version would be Maple 13, with number 13 that many consider being unlucky.

I suggest to apply the successful Microsoft naming strategy instead and name it Maple 2009.

View button in the user account (right next to the name) points to the same page where it is located. What is the purpose of it then?

By the way, the user account page has quite a few errors in it. In IE7 it loads with a message "Done, but with errors on page" in the status bar, and Firefox outputs the following warnings and an error message in the error console:

Warning: Error in parsing value for property 'display'.  Declaration dropped.
Source File:
Line: 43

Currently, we get 1 point for a forum post or a comment, 3 points for a blog entry, and 5 points for a book post. However, the actual value of a post varies significantly. It can be a question, or an answer that is not very helpful, or an answer with a workaround etc. Perhaps, that could be included in the point calculation. Something like the MSDN scheme:

I found some comments in my blog written in inappropriate tone and style and asked the site administrator to move them from my blog to this person's blog who posted them. However, my repeated requests were rejected. A blog is not a forum where everybody's posts are appropriate. A blog is a personal place on the web, something like a part of your home. And you can choose whom to invite to your home and who is not desirable - that is a standard policy regarding blogs, I think. Also, if somebody wouldn't like to see my comments in his/her blog, I would be happy to put them in my blog and not in that person's blog who objects to them.
Maple, Mathematica, and many other CAS define indefinite integral up to piecewise constants. That means, in particular, that the integral of a continuous function can be discontinuous. In many cases that can be easily fixed, such as for integrals involving floor(x) and frac(x). However, it has not been done neither in Maple nor in Mathematica. Here is another example, suggested by David W. Cantrell

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