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I received my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1998 and I have been teaching since then at SUNY Oneonta for 1 year, at Shepherd University for 5 years, at Tennessee Tech for 2 years, at Lane College for 1 year, and this year I taught at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. My research interests include Representation Theory and Combinatorics.

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Try to generate a random matrix modulo m using, say, examples from the ?LinearAlgebra,Modular,Random help page.

Studying the integral bug discussed in Axel Vogt's blog, I met the following,


                                 1/2      1/2 2
                                2    (z I)
                       1/2 I ln(-------------)

Not talking whether the residue has sense in this case, or not, having z in the answer is very wrong.


Following the midi crash course written by Daniel White, and using a table of midi note numbers, it is rather easy to write a Maple procedure producing midi files. Here is an example that I posted in Simple Sounds thread, slightly modified by adding an instrument as a 3rd parameter:

Maple 12.02 is now available. The Maple 12.02 update includes enhancements in a variety of areas, including:

Reduce became free and is available for download.


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