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Dear all,

I am trying to plot two funtions on one graph, but the axis values differ.  I want to plot the function below with

y-axis starting from 0.284087

x-axis starting from 0

The function is

plot(evalf((A(theta)*B(theta)),theta=0..Pi),  eq A

what to be added in eq A in order the function know that the value of y (axis) should start from 0.284087, and not from zero

Thanks in advance


Dear All

I trying to solve the following in MAPLE, the code works fine in MATLAB but I am not sure why it doesn't give me values in MAPLE

n:=3: alpha_p:=1: p:=2: mu0:=4*Pi*1e-7: Br:=1.12:





Dear All,

I am trying to solve the following equation but I don't know what I am missing:




theta = theta,  w=w and t=t  phi =Pi/6

when I try to add them it gives very long answer.    

Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards




Dear All,

I am trying to import data from one maple sheet to another but don't know how can I do that.  Its basically plots which I have to compare.  There is answer to question but as I am begginer I couldn't understand the sharing of engine theory. 

Any simple example will be of great help.

Many Thanks



Dear All,

Kindly help me plotting the following equation:

beta = 0.25

alpha0 = 0.2580   or 15 degrees

alphad = 0.545    or  31 degrees

Bmax = 0.7

alpha = 0 to Pi/2

B(alpha) = (1-beta-beta*cos((Pi*alpha)/(0.8*alpha0)))*Bmax      for interval     0<alpha<0.8*alpha0

B(alpha) = Bmax       ...

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