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Dear All,

I am trying to solve the equation shown in the attached file but can't get the required answer, any suggestions?

I shall be very thankful.




A(n,q) = I(n)*Z(q)/2 * Sum((cos(nwt - qptheta - (n-q)(i-1)2*Pi/3)+cos(nwt + qptheta - (n+q)(i-1)2*Pi/3)),i=1..3)

With n - q = ...-9,-6,-3,0,3,6,9   above equation becomes

Hi all,

I am calculating the following :





Ftotal:= Fa1*1/2(3*cos(wt-theta)+cos(wt+theta)+cos(wt+theta-240)+cos(wt+theta-480))


The exact solution I am looking for is: Ftotal:=3/2*Fa1*cos(wt-theta...

Hi all,

I have to create a Matrix of Matrix 

I have the following

Fm:= 0.01, Rs:=0.0031



Now I want a matrix which has WM as a Matrix in it diagonally.

is there any command I can use.

The result needs to be like            [WM   0    0]


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Sorry about that I was not aware of this problem.  I have written now in text as follows:

In the following there needs to be two if conditions applied i.e. one for the k / p = 1,3,5,7   and second

if (m*Pi = k*bo)    and also same for if (m*p is not equal to k*bo)

When I try to solve it says invalid if statement termination:

Hi all,

I need your kind suggestion to solve the equation for odd ratio.  I am attaching Maple file for the purpose.   I have to evaluate a function for odd ratio and for other values its zero.  I need help in assigning this odd and even ration to the function.  k can vary from 1...15, depending on ratio.

I shall be very thankful for your kind responses.

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