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I am really stuck in one more bit thats the least square problem. 

Hope someone can help me to solve this bit and get me out of this problem :(.

Least square method is successfuly implemented in MATLAB code (WRITTEN IN THIS MESSAGE AT THE END), but I couldn't do it in Maple.  I am having problem in the for loop section,  I am attaching Matlab code and  maple code ...

Dear All,


How can I define the following commands of MATLAB in MAPLE,









For i=1:length(z)


Your help will be really appreciated.


Best Regards



Dear All,


Can someone help me,  to write following matlab code in MAPLE  (only two highlighted lines).   I shall be very thankful to you.


w0=[0.01*aCM];                          %initial values
options=optimset('Display','off','TolFun',1e-24,'TolX',1e-18,'LargeScale','on','MaxFunEvals',5000); % Option to display output

for i=1:length(z) 

Dear All,


Thanks for the previous support and help.


I am trying to solve a poisson equation, but I am getting Bessel function in the solution. Derivation of this equation with respect to 'r' gives more complex form of Bessel function.

Actually I am not sure should I continue with the problem and Maple will take care of everything or I have to modify in the solution.  

Equation 9 and Equation 11 needs to...

Dear All,


I have 12 equations with 12 unknowns.  I trying to solve using the following:




but my problem is MAPLE doesn't solve for C10, C11, C12.    

Is there any format for writng s10,s11,s12  and c10,c11,c12.


Your help will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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