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HI all,


I am trying to figure out in MAPLE how can I write     A * sin*theta + B* cos* theta  in the form as follows:


Hi All,

I am trying to solve a simple problem but don't know how to do it in MAPLE 14.


B:= [3,4]

is there any possible way to write 

C:= [1,2,3,4]

C should have both value of A and B Matrixes.    I want to generalize so any command in MAPLE 14 which can do this operation.

Thanks in advance




Dear All,

I am trying to solve the following equation in Maple but could not find the actual result:

P:=1/2 * Real (E x H*)

How to find the real value of (E x H) with H*= H conjugate.   And also which command to solve for the value P.

Your help will really be appreciated

Thanks in advance






I am trying to solve for fourier coefficients but can't figure out the error in the code. Need help to debug the code.

Also if possible how to find the harmonics in the curve defined in the code.

following is the website from where i got this code

Hi everyone,

 Is there any possibility to add two plots together and have the wave shape which will be combination of the two.


Equation for two plots is attached.


Thanks in advance

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