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HI DR. Kamel Boughrara,

I am trying to understand the analytical magnetic field modeling of slotless PMSM, but it would be of great help if you could define the variables, like  mp =3,  QS=24, ap=1, p=2, q= QS/2*p*mp, tt, Qt and pls also iMX=10,  I am attaching the code for your kind answer.



Thanks Markiyan and Dr. Kamel.  Dr. Kamel I went through the link you gave me but couldn't find how to solve poissons equation using separation of variable method using Maple14.  I am attaching my file for your kind consideration.  Pls suggest me how to solve. 

Thanks in advance


Hi all,

I have to solve a ODE stated as follows:

PDE := expand(Laplacian(u(r, theta)) = M[r]/r)

But the problem is I don't know how to define M[r],  which is summ of "M[n]*cos(n*p*theta), where n is 1.3.5, 7...infinity

I f i write it precisely its  "summation of M[n]*cos(n*p*theta), where n =1.3.5, 7...infinity. 

Thanks in advance




Hi All,

I am trying to solve set of equations after applying boundary conditions.  There are 4 coefficients which I have to find by solving following 4 equations;

I tried to solve using the command solve({A, B,C,D},[E,F,G,H]), but it just returns [],  does anyone know which command to use for backward substitution of coefficients.  Also if I try to solve it separately, it says "recursive error"

Your help will be appreciated


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