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The student tried very hard

This is the work of my student

Animated images are the work of my students. They are with injoy and enthusiastically engaged with the system Maple.


with  Explore does not work

plots:-display(..., insequence) - Yes

@one man 

Looked at the pagein contact - it's powerful !

@one man 

Alexey, I appreciate the feedback!

Have you ever heard of Ignatiev ?

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

" Worthy people do worthy acts, paltry people do paltry things." - this is what You ?

It's really great !


The English version will appear later

Thank you for your interest in my article

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Of course

Over time

@Markiyan Hirnyk 


You are right


@one man 

Благодарю !

Можно узнать, с кем говорю ?

Website and blogare constantly updated

My English is bad

So I can speak illiterate

Oh, Hello! I am also very pleased to meet a countryman !

What's your name, respectable ?

(I have a very bad English - can say wrong)

In answer to your comments.

1) I work with schoolchildren. Сhildren work with a very early version of the Maple. I have 12th version. The possibilities are many differ. I have to adapt to them.

2)   About the possibilities of the Explore didn`t knew. you wrote - i looked - it is fine. Thanks. It is absent in the earlier version.

3) About "I do not understand why you use plots[implicitplot] command..." and "To create simple animations to be more efficient use of  plots[animate]  command...". The opportunities that you offer  I know and its are certainly better.

However I need separate charts (and not only explicit), elements or objects to combine, to unite and so on. I am preparing a template that can be designed, create new ones. (don't know whether it is clear explaination).


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