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I have a problem with calculating complex numbers in Maple.

I type forexample 8(cos(Pi/2)+I*sin(Pi/2)) and I get 8, I should get 8I

Should I re-install Maple or edit my settings?

best regards


I am trying to plot a contour in Maple2021, but I do not get a plot.

I have uploaded my maple document to this link

I appreciate a feedback.

~Best regards

Hello Dear Community

I was by pure coinsidence integrating a simple expression, f(x) = x (x^2 - 1)^5
The correct answer is F(x) = 1/12 (-1 + x^2)^6+ an arbitary Constant and if you expand F(x), you will get

F(x) = x^12/12 - x^10/2 + (5 x^8)/4 - (5 x^6)/3 + (5 x^4)/4 - x^2/2 + 1/12+ an arbitary Constant 

When I do the integration command in Maple2021 for f(x) = x (x^2 - 1)^5 , Maple2021 gives me the output in expanded form
F(x) = x^12/12 - x^10/2 + (5 x^8)/4 - (5 x^6)/3 + (5 x^4)/4 + x^2/2

Maple2021's output is missing the 1/12

I have uploaded my Maple-document regarding this issue to this link

Please do check this out and come back with a feedback since I find it disturbing that Maple2021 is giving an incomplete output for an integrating expression that is easy to solve in hand.

~~ Best regards

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