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I wish there was an easier way to track down questions.  If a student reports a problem with a question, you often need to look at their assignment first to figure out which question is involved, and then you have to select and copy some key phrase from the question in order to do a search for it.  (The person being asked to fix a problem is not always the person who created and organized the questions.)  Having to search for a phrase seems a bit primitive.

It would be nice if there were a way to go immediately from viewing a question to editing that question.  For instance, when viewing a student's assignment, each question should have a link that would allow you to edit that question.  And in the Assignment Editor, each question should have a link that would allow youto edit that question.

With the old question banks, in the Assignment Editor one could see where a question came from -- question bank, topic, and name.  But now, since questions can be in multiple question groups, all you can see is its name.  (And you can preview it to see its content, of course.)  But for some strange reasons, keyword searches don't let you search question names.


We had the same problem with flattened quesion banks.  Fortunately, if you can have another server running Maple T.A. 4 with up-to-date content, you can use course modules to export from 4 and import to 5.  And importing a course module DOES retain the proper structure of the question banks/groups.

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