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If I create a question using the Question Designer, and I insert a Response Area of the List type, and the text of my list items contain multiple consecutive spaces, this will cause problems in the assignments that include this question... In the assignment, if I select an answer for this question using the drop-down list and then I navigate to another question and then return to this question, my answer will not be selected. And if I then navigate away from this question again without reselecting my answer, MapleTA will not record an answer for this question and so it will be marked incorrect.
MapleTA currently restricts feedback in only one sense -- you can prevent access to feedback until AFTER a specified date. I provide MapleTA support for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and an instructor has come to me with what seems like a reasonable desire -- that unfortunately does not seem possible at this point. He is creating proctored exams. Students take proctored exams on campus in our testing center, which is staffed by proctors. The instructor wants his students to view the results of their exams in this proctored setting so that they can mentally take note of which questions they got wrong and which questions they got right, but cannot produce a hard copy of the exam. And he doesn't want students to be able to go back to their dorm rooms and view the exam.
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