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I have been working in the building construction industry for more than 30 years, and one of the big things which has been coming up is parametric design.

While every major big software company has come up with its own package (Bentley with Generative Components, Autodesk with Dynamo), there is one software now that has won over all them - Grasshopper 3D.

Nowadays all major software products are trying to write bidirectional links to Grasshopper. Inhouse we do have Tekla on the BIM side and FEM-Design on the calculation side where both are capable to link to Grasshopper.

Grasshopper itself is also capable of running Python code, though in a reduced kind of way.

I would very much like to see Maple to have a Grasshopper link, probably achievable through Python.

At least Maplesoft should have a quick look at it, to see if this is possible or not.

Guys, this is still the most painful thing i Maple for me, and I hope this gets a high priority for future development.

It is still not possible to compare variables, when one of them could become zero.


[`*`, `+`, `-`, `/`, `<`, `<=`, `<>`, `=`, Im, Re, `^`, abs, add, arccos, arccosh, arccot, arccoth, arccsc, arccsch, arcsec, arcsech, arcsin, arcsinh, arctan, arctanh, argument, ceil, collect, combine, conjugate, cos, cosh, cot, coth, csc, csch, csgn, diff, eval, evalc, evalr, exp, expand, factor, floor, frac, int, ln, log, log10, log2, max, min, mul, normal, polar, root, round, sec, sech, seq, shake, signum, simplify, sin, sinh, sqrt, surd, tan, tanh, trunc, type, verify]


a := 15*Unit('kN')



b := 0*Unit('kN')




if a < b then "True" else "False" end if

Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: 15*Units:-Unit(kN) < 0




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