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Is it possible to split a table (not the datatype, but the insert - table one)?

Something happens when I redefine an indexed value of a table, but I'm not sure what.

Here's the situation before the definition.


TABLE(["Cutright1" = "false", "graindirection1" = 90 Unit(arcdeg), "Cutleft2" = "false",  "lengthleft2" = 500 Unit(mm), "Cutrightsteel" = "false", "lengthleftsteel" = "false", "lengthleft1" = 350 Unit(mm), "lengthright2" = 500 Unit(mm), "connection_1" = "Timber", "lengthrightsteel" = "false", "connection_2" = "Timber", "Cutleft1" = "false", "Cutleftsteel" = "false", "graindirection2" = 0, "graindirectionsteel" = "false", "Cutright2" = "false", "lengthright1" = 150 Unit(mm), "connection_InsideLayers" = 1])

I then try to redefine one specific entry of the table.
WhateverYouNeed["calculations"]["structure"]["connection"]["connection_1"] := GetProperty("ComboBox_connection_1", 'value');

WhateverYouNeed["calculations"]["structure"]["connection"]["connection_1"] := "Timber"

Which gives this new result.


TABLE(["connection_1" = "Timber"])

The rest of the indices and entries of the "connection" table is gone.

Are there any restrictions regarding path and filename length in Maple?

I am experiencing problems working with a file on a server, path and file length is 207 characters.

Apparently max and max[index] don't work with tables.

I'd like to put that on a wish list for future development.

Right now the workaround for the first one would be max(entries(atable)) I think.

Haven't solved max[index] yet.

We just switched to a new Antivirus program (Bitdefender), and we are getting a bunch of security warnings because of outdated software.

I do have  a couple of those for my PC, e.g. some regarding Apache. I don't have Apache installed on my PC, but I think Maple does use it.

So I wonder which policy Maple has regarding updating its open source libraries.

A quick review on Maple Help - copyright information shows a couple of Open Source licenses code which seems to be delivered in old versions.

Bitdefender classifies them with a high security risk.

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