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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

We are in the very beginning of implementation of Maple in our office, and are trying to write the first programs.

For the moment we are building a material database, starting from Excel, and generating a Maple library out of that. Afterwards we are going to pull the data from the library, and show it in a nice output.

We've so far managed to write the library, but we are running into problems with variable names.

In Maple 2D notation a variable with indexes including a comma is no problem. My specific problem is, how can I use those variables in a program in Maple 1D notation.

Here are some examples of variables which are relevant.

Need some help building a worksheet where I try to populate a listbox with items from a package / library.

Starting point could be the "Simply Supported Beam Design" example from MapleSoft Application Center (

In this example, profiles are defined from the AISC Steel Shapes Database.

  1. I would like to have a list of the defined properties of the package / library.
  2. I would like to have a list of all available profiles.


I'd like to populate a listbox from elements of a matrix, but need some help.

I created an empty listbox with name ListBox0, and try to add a name from the matrix.

DataSet := Matrix(3, 3, [[Tim, 21, 80], [Tom, 23, 86], [Tinker, 25, 90]])


SetProperty("ListBox0", DataSet[1, 1])

We've just decided to jump from Mathcad to Maple, and are doing our very first steps with Maple.

Our company is a small sized engineering company (15 employees), and what I am looking for is a bit help to make a working company setup.

This includes in the first run - how do I create and tell Maple where to find those items?

  • Templates with company logo
  • Programs and packages
  • Are there any configuration variables that can / should be set?
  • Are there any other common files that can be made accessible for all on a common network server?
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