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pointplot works with units, textplot apparently doesn't

"with(DocumentTools):   with(Units[Simple]):  with(plots):"


    a := 15*Unit('m')



b := 10*Unit('m')



displayPoints := pointplot([a, b])


displayText := textplot([a, b, "text"])

Error:TEXT location must be numeric; received: [`+`(`*`(15., `*`(Unit(m)))), `+`(`*`(10., `*`(Unit(m))))]




Why is the graphics quality of text so much worse in Maple than in other software?

On my screen it becomes barely readable, while Word or pdf are much better.

Same screen, same font (Arial, 11) and zoom factor (100%).

Switching font to Arial apparently makes the sign disappear in MathContainers.

Anyone keen to spend some time helping me with an error?

I'm getting the error mentioned above with Maple 2022 (but can also be reproduced in 2021).

Originally the error comes from within a company library, but I've managed to reproduce it without the library by merging the library in the workbook.

The error arises during a simple addition / subtraction operation, and I have no clue why.

P.S.: I've also filed a request to Maple support on this one.

Just wondering how I do a loop over the contents of the table. I need both the index variable and the stored value associated with it.

This one apparently doesn't work.

F_vRk := table()

table( [ ] )


F_vRk["a"] := 1



F_vRk["b"] := 2



"for ind, val in F_vRk  do print(ind,val)  end do"

1, F_vRk




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