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These are questions asked by Anthrazit

Has someone tried to connect Grasshopper with Maple yet?

Grasshopper is a visual programming environment on Rhino.

Can someone confirm, that autosave is not implemented for workbooks?

The only thing I can restore form a workbook session are specific worksheets of the workbook that I was working on.

None of the Maple codes are saved for example.

This is a major issue, folks. If you haven't implemented it, you need to tell us about it in the help document.


Just wanted to post that I had some data loss because I opened two different workbooks with the same name from different locations.

This could lead to loss of data.

I had code attachments from the "old" workbook implemented in the "new" workbook, while the new code was gone.

Has somebody experienced something like that before?

I was searching for a bug in a sheet, and was absolute unable to find out why some results in a sheet were different from another sheet.

Found out that it actually was a pure graphics problem. With normal zoom (100%) the minus signum is not visible.

Blowing up the zoom to 125% shows the signum again.

I can't move files in the navigator window anymore in Maple 2021.2.

Anyone else with the same problems?

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