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The use of math container is something I have seen in an example as well, probably it's the best way for showing values with units (which I am doing here).

Any idea how I could format the output? Right now it looks like that, however I'd like to have just 1 digit after the decimal delimiter.

Just wanted to add one more thing.

Originally my problem was that I first entered a 2D math expression, and when running the program this was evaluated. As I just wanted the text, I thought I'd need a text area or label to do that. Found out that I can change a 2D math expression to not be evaluated, so I am going for that one.

Just for the records - Mathcad behaves different.

I've actually found out by myself.

c := a -> m[a, 1]

Looks like the apostroph I was using was a wrong one.

` is not the same as '


is actually working, so I can use a 2D defined variable in 1D.

Found out how to do it the other way around also.

assign(`f__α,β`, 1)

I'm sorry, I was a bit quick here. I've done some more tests, and I'm still struggling to make use of the variables in both 1D and 2D notation.

Here's an example where I once define a variable in 2D and try to access it both in 2D and 1D notation. And afterwards the other way around, where I do define the variable first in 1D, and try to use it in 2D afterwards. The problem in the second part is that I can't use the greek alpha.


`f__α` := 1


















assign(g__alpha = 2)














First of all, thanks for the answer.

When running your program I got an error message first. Found out that you had a typo in your first line (opaquemodulues, should be "opaquemodules".

There are a couple of questions in my head, and part of it is that I am not using the exact library as in the example. But I will keep using this example as long as it serves the purpose of understanding.

My next question is - when loading the module with "with(AISCShapes)" the result I am getting is [Property].

Where did you find out that there is a "AISCTable" - or is this a reserved keyword?

In the example there is just the "Property" keyword used as far as I can see.

Cw := Property("W10X54", "Cw");
Property("W10X54", "Cw", "metadata");


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