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Not sure if I see what you are trying to tell me.

Here's a screenshot of what I mean (see image 3). When boundaries are not defined, the plot is cutoff within the plot component.

Plot 3 is the same as plot 2, but the curve is moved manually.

In my opinion the plot should always use the available space of the component, and not cut its contents.

I think I managed to find the solution.


restart; with(geometry)

point(B, 2, 0)







[2, 0]



F := plot(cos(x), x = -Pi .. Pi, y = -Pi .. Pi, style = line)``


DocumentTools:-SetProperty("Plot_test", value, display(F, draw(B)))





I can copy when you use the geometry:-draw function to display the geometry figures, but I can't find any geometry:-plot function in Maple, and don't see how I can merge other kinds of plots, e.g. by using plots:-display.

Thanks a lot both of you, your help is much appreciated.

Again it would be very useful to have such code snippets included in Maple Help.


Thanks a lot.

I don't really understand why this works, but as long as it does it is fine for me.

Deinstallation and reinstalling network tools fixed the problem.


Thanks a lot.

I've filed request to Maple support, we'll se what they come up with.

I've had something similar, but just in MathContainers.


I'd assume that as well.

Just to clarify - I am not talking about the Maple installation itself - just the networktools which are installed on the server.

Need to come back to a question posted a long time ago.

Here's a simple code directly from the Help manual for the HasChild function.

I do understand that the first one gives "false", as "c" is not a direct child.

But what about XMLElement "a"? Shouldn't that one give "true"?

And this is also interesting...


DBG> Units:-Split(force["F_hd"])

DBG> Units:-Split(eval(force["F_hd"]))


Btw., I have tried to convert the expression to string, and parse the result afterwards, but that does not fix the problem.

Any idea what could be wrong here?

This is a copy of the Maple Debugger. I think it is connected to the issue mentioned above, and kicks in when reading values from the datatable right after opening the file.


DBG> convert(loadVector_centerBoltgroup[3], 'units', 'kN*m')
`%1` is not a recognized unit",
proc () option builtin = debuggerMemberLookup; end proc(Units:-Simple,"*")(kN,m)

DBG> op(2, loadVector_centerBoltgroup[3])

DBG> loadVector_centerBoltgroup[3]


After changing the input data when values are read in from the document, things work without any problem.

DBG> next
   4   loadVector_centerBoltgroup[3] := convert(loadVector_centerBoltgroup[3],

DBG> next
   5   return loadVector_centerBoltgroup


And this looks also strange:

DBG> Units:-Split(loadVector_centerBoltgroup[3])

Here's an additional example that gets me very confused.

The example above indicates (for me at least) that eval should be used to get the actual table and not the pointer to it (or whatsoever).

In the attached example it looks to be the other way around. Why is the result of the direct assignment a table, and the evaluated result indexed?


What I was trying to solve the problem you are mentioning is to use the eval~ statement in the StoreSettings procedure.

The reason why I do not want to do the evaluation before storing is that I still want to use to use the table behaviour during the session.

I've just checked and as far as I can see Maple doesn't do any autosave on libraries I am working on anymore.

Last Autosave of a library was done in june 2022, might be 2022.1 then.

Other Maple workbooks do however autosave backups.

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