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Wouldn't that be the same as using convert(a, unit_free)?

I think I found the culprit, and would ask if someone else with a multi-screen solution could verify it.

We do work with a 3 screen configuration in our office, and last week I rotated one of those screens, to find out if this has some pros. The settings for screen 1 is vertical and mirrored.

Apparently the rotation of one screen also has consequences for the non-rotated screens, as the following 2 screenshots show. There is a clear difference in the text font quality regarding Maple. Btw. the Maple session is not running on the rotated screen, but on one of the others.

All screens horizontal:

One screen vertical and mirrored


I do / did think that Windows Cleartype might be the cause of the issue, but I am not sure about that.

Did a new reconfiguration of Cleartype on all screens now.

The thing is, that the quality problem just affects Maple, while other programs look nice (same screen, same font, same scale factor, same font size).

I also tried to twitch some settings from the graphics card, but that didn't change anything either.

Btw. the monitor is running on a 1920x1200 resolution.


I tried different settings, but nothing changed.

Could you provide a screenshot of your settings?


The font quality seems to be different between different PC's, even with the same resolution.

Opening the same sheet on my Home PC, with the same resolution as my office PC, doesn't show the same problems (also same Maple version). Same Windows version as well, but older PC and graphics card.

But I'll try the maplew.exe settings on my Office PC tomorrow.


Mine was set to "default".

Changed that to enabled, but that didn't change anyting.

Setting it to disable however changed the appearance. I wouldn't say it is better however. The text fonts are very thin, compared to Wordpad.

Here's a Maple file and a rtf (Wordpad) plus a screenshot how it looks on my screen.

@Carl Love 

I increased the size from 10 to 11, and that fixed it.

Changing to font size 11 seems to solve the problem.


Good to know that you found the reason.

Just to make sure, the eval should be done when reading values from the DataTable component, or when writing values? And does it need to be done on each of the elements of the table, or the table itself?

P.S.: My experience with last name evaluation has already led me to the "meme" in the title - if in doubt, always use "eval". I'm already using it on countless occasions.

@Carl Love 

I've managed to create a simple example which shows the issue.

This is getting even more mysterious now.

  • The error message happens just when running the workbook after a new start of Maple, or reopening the worksheet.
  • The error only comes when operation includes a force and a moment. In that case the force is multiplied with a distance (which gives a moment) and added to the existing moment.
  • Two forces work well together.
  • The moment itself is also no issue.
  • As I said, entering the values after a reset doesn't show any problems either. In that case, the values are stored in a global variable. The problem arises when the table values are read from the storematrix after a reopening of the workbook.
  • I've attached the contents of the Matrix that stores the values. This one is then attached to the (invisible) Data Table Component.

@Carl Love 

Took some time to convert the workbook to a worksheet, but actually it was quite useful.

The main issue was related to storing the load table values in a one-dimensioned Matrix. And here I'm getting a bit confused, because I couldn't reproduce the problem after fixing it.

Fixing in my case was to reset the loads, which reset the stored values in the Matrix that stores values between sessions.

When storing or reading values, I usually used storematrix[1,1] to do that. After converting to the worksheet I got an error message about out of boundary, so I could just use storematrix[1] to save values, not storematrix[1,1].

I've run a test, and for storing values, storematrix[1] is that same as storematrix[1,1]. When reading values again, it becomes different, as storematrix[1] returns the value as a vector, while storematrix[1,1] actually gives the stored value.

During all of the test I checked the contents of the variables, and nothing looked suspicious. So right now I don't know what the reason of the problem actually is.

Thanks a lot for the quick response.


That actually leads to another question.

Why isn't Maple able to work with its own predefined constants? I mean, what exactly is the meaning of "use Pi for calculations" according to the help file.

Regarding the conversion - this is something new in Maple 2022.

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