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Solution verified.

However Maple Help still only mentiones autosave for worksheets, not workbooks.

No change in Maple 2022.


Windows Defender, protected folder access blocked.

And the program doesn't tell anything, so one needs to dig into the logfiles...


Same result with forward slashes.

Btw., the filepath was copied from Maplets(Elements) FileDialog.

The file directory checks don't show anything unusual.

For ExcelTools:-Export, it actually doesn't matter if the file exists, or not. It will overwrite it, if possible. But for the records, there wasn't any file with that name in that directory.

The IsLockable doesn't exits with an error message on my PC.


You are right, it looks right when going to another document and back again.

That's what it looks like when I change settings afterwards again.


Got feedback from the service team, that this is going to be fixed in the next release.


Confirmed, autosave was on.

But there is an even more concerning thing regarding autosave. I'll open a new thread on that one...


I'm using Windows 10, norwegian edition.

For your information, I have got feedback from support, that this case has been escalated to the development team. I'll post an update as soon as I have heard from them.


No, that didn't fix the problem either.'

Btw., I am using a 1920x1280 resolution on the monitors (2x in Homeoffice, 3x in office).

I've filed a support case on that one now.

The problem is difficult to reproduce, because it just happens in some documents.

  • So far I have been unable to reproduce the problem in a new, clean document.
  • Opening a new document in the same workbook doesn't show the problem either
  • The only thing I can say is, that things look different in the affected workbook.

Here's a screenshot of 2 Maple sessions, where one of them shows the problem, and the other not.


I can reproduce the problem on a different PC with a different graphics card.

Switched off anti-aliasing, no change.

@Carl Love 

If you are saying that current version is 1.2.3, then I'd say yes.

@Thomas Richard 

On the one side - good to know.

On the other side, this branch has reached end of life in august 2015...

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