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The solution to this problem is to use uneval quotes '' around Heaviside in the pattern.


yields true with [a=x].


It is still not clear to me why this is needed for Heaviside, where it is not needed for other procedures. There must be an evaluation taking place.



Thought I had tried that. Maybe my example is too simple...but it works for now.



Hi, Sorry about that. I am interested in assuming a chain of inequalities: T[0]<T[1]...<T[i]<T[i+1]...<T[N+1] How would I go about doing that? If I need to define a monotonic function that could work, but I can't get that working either. Thanks, Art
Hi, Thanks. Art
Hi Scott, My question is not why Int and int do different things. I understand that. My question is, other than dummy variables as with Int (I should have capitalized it last time), are there any other cases where has and depends return different answers? and why? Thanks, Art
Thanks Scott for the reply. I had read the help and they indicate the example you mention as being a case where they are different. Other than the case of dummy variables (as with int), are they equivalent? Regards, Art
Hi, In regard to your first question, Maple has returned the answer to your equations. The RootOf(-2+_Z^2) means any solution of the equation Z^2=2 (that is +-sqrt(2)). I guess the question is did you mean to type in: (2*x)^2 or 2*(x^2)? It appears you actually typed in (2*x)^2. Regards, Art
Hi, In answer to your second question, I believe you want expand((2*x-3)^5) Regards, Art
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