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@John Fredsted 

@Carl Love  

Thanks a lot for your help.

For the moment, I have tried the john's method.

Here my attempt. But, it doesn't work. Can you have a look at my test ?

I attach here my code :

Thanks a lot for your help


I'm still interested by this question.

However, for the moment, I have progressed a bit on the subject. I discover the Excel add-in which can be very useful for me to use a maple function inside an excel sheet.

The only drawback on this method is that you can not share your excel sheet to a person which didn't have Maple.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Thanks a lot Joe for this very helpful package ! It is easy to get used to it than the text editor dedicated to programming

@Joe Riel 

Perfect Joe. It answers perfectly to my need. I will try to install emacs + mapleV. But, I find that it is not to easy to install in windows.

Thank you for your help.

@Joe Riel 

Thank you for your help.

Interesting and are these folds can be used inside a package ?

@John Fredsted 

OK and why don't you use MACS so as to use the maplev functionality ?

Do you find an addon to jEdit to adapt your editor to Maple code ?

Thank you for your feedback.

@John Fredsted 

Exactly, I use module end module to build my packages and subpackages.


Thank you acer for your answer.

Did you think to this thread ?

You are think, I think that I will try emacs with maplev.

But, for my idea of "group/ ungroup lines", does the use of an external text editor change something ?

Thank you for your help.


@John Fredsted 


Thank you for your help.

I have written my code directly in a worksheet.

But, my issue is that I believe that it is not possible to use sections inside a package?

Consequently, my package is made of many lines in a worksheet and it is hard to have a overview of the package where i could see the different subpackages of my package.

By "group/ ungroup lines", i mean that I would like to put all the lines of a subpackage in something like a section. By this way, i could see easily all the subpackages of my packages. I would enable me, for example, to go easily to the subpackage 3 and see all the procedures of this packages. At the moment, I spend many time scrolling to look for a procedure of a subpackage.

Thank you for your feedback

@Preben Alsholm 

Thank you for you remark.

And concerning the point 1), is there a possibility to group lines (as a section) inside a package ?

Thank you for your feedback


These ligns have perfectly answered to my need and I could copy/ paste the code line of a procedure

interface(verboseproc= 2);



@Carl Love 

I have tried this command but it doesn't change anything.

I'm interested if you have new ideas.

Thank you for your help

@Carl Love 

Great Carl thank you for your help. It is very clear.

Otherwise, can you tell me just a bit more why you find the Record function better (or more appropriate in my case) than the table function ?

Thank you for your help. 

@Axel Vogt 

For cos(z)=a, there are in a period more than one solution whihc are +/-arccos(a). Consequently, I would like to choose the solution which interests me in the frame of the mechanical problem I'm trying to solve. In my case, this is the solution which stays between [-Pi/2,Pi/2]

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