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Earlier this afternoon we made an update to MaplePrimes to introduce some new features and to squash a few bugs.

The primary purpose of the update was to improve the context around how replies and answers are entered on MaplePrimes. The most significant change you will notice here is that submission/edit boxes now appear inline  under the specific message you are replying to, instead of at the bottom of each page.

Other improvements include:

We have just released Teaching Calculus with Maple: A Complete Kit.  Leveraging both Maple and Maple T.A., Teaching Calculus with Maple includes lecture notes, student worksheets, Maple demonstrations, Maple T.A. homework, and more – everything you need to teach Calculus 1 and Calculus 2.  Teaching Calculus with Maple  was developed at the University of Guelph under the leadership of an award-winning teacher and field-tested in classes with hundreds of students.

The folks at Grand Valley State University have posted a nice set of Maple tutorial videos on YouTube.  The videos have been designed for students taking 200-level math courses, but they are certainly suitable for anyone who is either new to Maple, or looking for a refresher.



I saw a fun blog post today from someone who plotted the Batman symbol within Maple. Enjoy!


We have published an update to MaplePrimes today that addresses a number of reported issues with the site, and also introduces some new features.  Much of what has changed has been in direct response to your suggestions and feedback, and I sincereley thank you for that!  

Please note that we have plans to make other substantial changes in the not-too-distant future.  I have written in the past about improvements we want to make to search (including adding an advanced search feature...

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