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As many of you have noticed, MaplePrimes has been deluged with a spam attack over the past week.  We have been working to keep it under control, but the attacks are coming faster than we can reasonably keep up.

I would like to introduce a new face that you will be now be seeing on MaplePrimes from time to time.  His name is Rick Andrade, and his primary role within the Primes community is to pay close attention to your questions, to make sure that help is being offered where needed, and to engage appropriate people from within Maplesoft.  And while the majority of his work within MaplePrimes will be done quietly in the background, you can also expect him to post stories and/or links that he thinks you will find interesting. 

As many of the users on MaplePrimes are instructors, I thought it appropriate to let everyone know about a new resource available on the Maplesoft web site called the Teacher Resource Center.

As most users of MaplePrimes are aware, we currently reward participation with a number that indicates Maple Rank. So every time someone posts a forum comment, for example, they are awarded 1 point. This number gets appended to user names and it has become a way to immediately recognize a person’s ‘prestige’ within MaplePrimes.

This morning, Jim Cooper added a blog post detailing what it was like selling Maplesoft to Cybernet.  It's an interesting and revealing post... enjoy!

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