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I made this observation when comapring two expression containg elliptic integrals (see attached)

Such unevaluated complex output maybe be the reason why fsolve and plot sometimes did not produce output on similar expressions in another question I posted




For compact technical documentation it would be desirable to create output in the form of a=b=c, which is a style that is commonly used in textbooks (probably for the same reason).

It is possible to create such an output with non executable math and probably also with document blocks. This is error prone and time consuming. I am looking for a solution where I can use Maple commands to refer to expressions to assemble an a=b=c output.

The advantage: Using commands would change the output when the expression change (at least after re-execution of the document).

How can this be done?


I want to compute x__0 as a function of alpha. I tried fsolve but could not make it work (see attached).

What did I do wrong? Are there other ways in Maple to solve such problems?

I am stuck here and would very much appreciate help.



Its likely that the recently introduced warnings for definite integrals would have helped in this case to find a solution on my own. When I run this worksheet with Maple 2023, it immediately suggests the use of assumptions.

But ODEsteps supports simliar ODEs (see attached).
Is the ODESteps command not generic enough to cover the pendulum or have I missed something?


Imagine you want to precisely refer to this help page

The only way I am aware of is typing the whole string


that it can be pasted as Maple input (with a leading ?) or as search term in the help system.

Are there other methods (like creating a hyperlink by right click somewhere) to extract this information/string once you are in the help system on a specific page?

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