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diff(w(x), x, x) = F*((6*(-a^2/(2*L^2)+a^3/(3*L^3)))*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI

diff(diff(w(x), x), x) = F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI


Eval(lhs(diff(diff(w(x), x), x) = F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI), x = L) = (`@`(simplify, eval))(rhs(diff(diff(w(x), x), x) = F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI), x = L)

Eval(diff(diff(w(x), x), x), x = L) = -F*a^2*(L-a)/(L^2*EI)


Can the expression above be further shortened by function composition and function application (to a single group of arguments)? I tried

(`@`(Eval, lhs) = `@`(`@`(simplify, eval), rhs))(diff(diff(w(x), x), x) = F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI, x = L)

Error, (in evalapply) invalid input: lhs expects 1 argument, but received 2


which does not work.
Since the error message is clear I am looking for a single argument command that could replace lhs and rhs.  

Analog to evalf, which accepts an index, I tried to replace lhs by

op[1](diff(diff(w(x), x), x) = F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI)

diff(diff(w(x), x), x), F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI


to do the same as

op(1, diff(diff(w(x), x), x) = F*(6*(-(1/2)*a^2/L^2+(1/3)*a^3/L^3)*x+2*a^2/L-a^3/L^2)/EI)

diff(diff(w(x), x), x)


Unfortuenatly this does not work. Are there any other options or have I reached an end point?

Would a single argument variant of op make sense for other purposes than the example above?

Download replacement_of_lhs_and_rhs_by_single_argument_function.mw

Often, in response to a question without code, the suggestion is made to upload a Maple file using the button with the green arrow .

This happens so often that I get the impression that new users don't recognize this as the best and most efficient way to get their question analyzed and answered. Or they just don't know how to do it.

So why not adding a hint to consider uploading code just before "Suggested Tags"?

To illustrate, here is an HTML example that overlays a circle and a letter

<span style="position: relative; font-size: 2em;">&#x25CB;<span style="position: absolute; top: 1.0em; right: 0.4em; font-size: 0.4em;">Y</span></span>

than can be pasted here to visualize.

I am not sure if that is possible with Maples typesetting tags.

The union is simple

display([torus([1,1,1], 1, 2),torus([1,6,1], 1, 2)], scaling=constrained, lightmodel=light1, shading=zgrayscale,color=[red,red]);

but how to plot the intersection?

This happened on Windows 10 clicking on *.mws documents while Maple 2023 was not running.

My observations with one document (I do not have others at hand at the moment):

No freeze when Maple is already running.

No freeze when the startup page (Start.mw) is disabled.

Older versions opened in Windows file explorer with “right click and open with” did not show this behavior.

Since there are ways to open such old documents, my intention is to document my observations and to find out if others can reproduce it. If not, my setup might differ from default or the file has an issue.

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