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Hi all,

I tried to create the*.exe file by C and call the kernel of maple for calculation.

To understand the OpenMaple, I ran the OpenMaple C code sample, “simple.c” in “<Maple>\ samples\OpenMaple\simple” through Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 but got the incorrect result:


It’s seems that the error is happen due to the wrong maple directory. But according to the description of "kernelopts" in help, the value of mapledir cannot be set.


Refer to the description of  "OpenMaple,Examples" in help , both header file path and library file path had been set:

O/S: Windows (32-bit)

Header file Directories: "C:\Program Files\Maple 17\extern\include"

Library Directories: "C:\Program Files\Maple 17\"

Environment Variable: "C:\program files\Maple 17\"


I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.

Hi all,

I designed the animation and wanted to display it automatically in the embedded component. Instead of animation toolbar, is it possible to control animation through commands? How do I do that?



I tried to create a graph with two different x-axes and y-axes, for example:

It's no doubt that we can use the "dualaxisplot" to generated a plot with two different y-axes as follows:



It's seem that Maple can realize plots with two different x-axes , because some of cases present functions through upper x-axis, such as:


How should I create a graph to display functions using the bottom and left sides as the x- and y-axis for one, and the top and right sides as the x- and y-axis for the other?

I'd appreciate any help on this topic. Thank a lot.


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