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What is a suitable replacement for eliminate?

Here is my code:


A := {x[5] = x[2]/x[1], x[6] = x[3]/x[2], x[7] = x[1]/x[4], x[8] = (2*x[2]+x[4])/(2*x[1]+x[3]+x[4])};
B := {x[1], x[2], x[3], x[4], x[8]};

([eliminate])(A, B);
([eliminate])(A, B minus {x[1]});
([solve])(A, B);

In the older versions of Maple the first example of eliminate would return same result as the solve example, but with current version I need to resort to the second example.


typematch({2}, set({x :: integer, y :: even}), 's'), s;


Is there a difference between scoping rules for regular procedures and for arrow operators?

I've posted  a code for a procedure, but it seems it does not execute with other versions of Maple the way it does with my version (5.4). Here is the link. I am curious to identify within the procedure code the cause of this divergence. Note: in 5.4 the code is preceded with readlib(eliminate).

   Consider a surface of the unit sphere about the origin, intersecting the volume of the cube [-a..a,-a..a,-a..a] 0<a<1.  What is the best Maple method to plot this surface with a direct mapping, that is without use of implicit plotting over a volume or rejecting grid points?

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