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There is a builtin command "callback". It exists both in Maple 5 and today's Maple. There is no documentation on it. What is it? Why does it exist? Is there any code that uses it?

Does Maple have a way to upload a screenshot of a worksheet or a savefile of a worksheet to MaplePrimes?

What Maple type should I use so that test1 and test2 are always equal? (I use Maple 2017)


test1 := proc(x) type([op('x')], identical(['x'])) end;
MapleType := anything;
test2 := proc(x) type(x, MapleType) end;


What is a good way to generate a random, high degree polynomial with integer coefficients, that has a high number of real roots. Example a degree 800 with 600 real roots. I am not looking for a mul application.

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