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solve({-infinity < a , a < -1, -1 < b ,  b < 0});


I believe this is a bug:

subsindets(%, anything^rational, proc(x) if type(x, specfunc(anything, Q)^rational) then 'Q(x)' else 'x' fi end)<>
subsindets(%, specfunc(anything, Q)^rational, Q);

Why am I not able to use my MaplePrimes login credentials to login into MapleCloud?

When writing a post on MaplePrimes it is possible to access the source code, which allows to introduce/edit many attributes. Is it possible to observe the source of another post?

Let there be an infinite sequence of real numbers: A=a[0], a[1], ... .
Let P = (n -> sum(a[i]*x^i, i=0..n)).
What is A if for all n: P(n) has n real roots.

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