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Does `evala/toprof` still exist in newer Maple versions, or is there an equivalent?

I am curious, can simplify/siderels be executed in mod p by some equivalent Maple function call?

Is there a Maple function that given a set of substitutions in form object=set of substitute objects produces a sequence of sets, each a product of substitution from the next, remove repetitions. An example:


a = {b, c, d}, b = {a, b, e}, c = {a, d, f};
a = ({e, f}, {b, c, d}), b = ({f}, {c, d}, {a, b, e}), c = ({e}, {b}, {a, d, f});

sqrt(5) gives sqrt(5)

sqrt(1+sqrt(5)) gives "You have entered an invalid Maple expression"

sqrt(u) gives sqrt(u)

sqrt(1+u); gives "You have entered an invalid Maple expression"


when using the Maple Math icon. How can I get the correct input for the two expressions?

What does one use to duplicate a procedure along with its remember table, so that they are distinct instances of said?

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