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@mschneider My code ensures that both logs valuate only to reals. That is all it does.

@Carl Love Wow!  I thought of using solve, but then I saw it would never work... My mistake.

@Shiyao I would presume it is because the second integral is applying to lns and arctans and lots of radicals.

@acer In your fix, did you edit the contents of the .mw file directly?
I meant for the author to reinstate the formatting of the document from the text given.

Can I skip the exercises?

@vv and Your query does not ask Maple the question you are attempting: "whether some number is real".

@vv The query is(Q, OrProp(A,B)); is explicitly:
can it be proven that: Q is A is true or Q is A is false.
can it be proven that: Q is B is true or Q is B is false.
All of the above fails and the result follows. OrProp is not part of the lattice and does not discern in any other way.

@vv Why do you post

is(Pi + exp(1), OrProp(rational, irrational));

as ???. The result is very clear and proper.

@Muhammad Usman To fix that replace set by a list in Sol. As the contents of the set vary, its representation varies also and op(i, Sol) does not have the desired effect. Also consider assign(op(Sol)); inplace of the loop.



N   := 3:
P   := 2:

niv := [seq(Z[i], i=1..N)];
f   := Matrix(N^P, P, (i,j) -> `if`(j=P, niv[(i mod N)+1], niv[iquo(i-1,N)+1]));
ds := subs(niv =~ [$0..N-1], f);

vs := [ seq(V__||i, i=1..P)]:
es := unapply( sort( [ seq( mul(vs ^~ [entries(ds[i,..], nolist)]), i=1..N^P) ] ), vs);

ff := convert([ seq(es(entries(f[i,..], nolist)), i=1..N^P) ], Matrix);

R := RootOf(NumberTheory:-CyclotomicPolynomial(N, x), x);
alias(alpha = R);
UnityRoots := map2(op, 1, roots(x^N-1, x, R));

F := evala(subs(niv =~ UnityRoots, ff)) /~ sqrt(N^P);
evala(1/F - subs(R = 1/R, F^+));
convert(%, set);

@mmcdara For the record I have no idea what you actually need here.... :(

The operator you seek is : F ^ *, F ^ %H rather than F ^ +, F ^ %T, indicated by Maple Help pages. So that should be simplify(F^ * . F);

If the above code was ever successfully valuated to a procedure code then please post it in .mw form. Otherwise, know that the above is so badly written it is useless.

Maple 2017.3 gives the correct answer. Perhaps you should try it with a restart?

@ogunmiloro Replace the definitions You gave with:
B[0] := .50; C[0] := .30; DD[0] := .21; E[0] := .14; F[0] := .70; G[0] := .45; H[0] := .14;

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