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These are questions asked by DJJerome1976

Suppose I have a set of vectors, say S = {x+4, 3x-7}, a specific vector f = -5x + 10 and I would like to determine if f is an element of Span(S). By hand it's a rather simple process, check the consistency of the corresponding linear system. Is there a way to automate this in Maple? That is, define a vector space (using any finite vectors: polynomials, matrices, etc.) with some basis and check to see if a given element belongs to that space? Moreover, if it does belong, could we get the linear combination of the elements of the basis that produces the desired vector?


I use the RamdonGraph function quite a bit and wanted to know if it is possible to generate random graphs with specific properties, beyond the typical order, size, connectednes, etc. Specifically, I am interesting in generating eulerian (containing an eulerian circuit), semi-eulerian (containing an eulerian trail) and hamiltonian (containing a spanning cycle)  graphs. Also, the abiltiy to randomly generate graphs that have none of these properties would be helpful.


I am trying to write a procedure that takes two intervals of real numbers (in interval notation) and checks if one is a subset of the other. For example, isSubset([-5,2],[-10,infinity)) would return true, but isSubset([-5,2],(-5,infinity)) would return false. Any idea how to go about this? I am having difficulty knowing where to start.


I am solving a very simple first-order IVP whose solution can be expressed as v(t) = (10/(3*t+1250))^(1/3). I've tried multiple simplify( ) and combine( ) but I cannot get Maple to simplify the solution to this form. Some of my attempts are in the attached worksheet.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

I am trying to reproduce this visualization of RGB:

Does any one have anything like this for Maple?

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