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Initially I was unable to reproduce the errors that everyone else was seeing, but after looking into it a bit deeper, I realized that I was using my personal Quandl authentication token to retreive DataSets.

For anyone that's interested, I registered for an account at Quandl which gave me a private authentication token, that I then set at Maple startup using the SetToken command. As Erik mentions, the problem will hopefully soon be resolved, but in the meantime, using a personal authentication token seems to be a workaround.

@Hargroid You can suppress the inserted '*' by turning off "Smart Operators". To do so, go to Tools -> Interface and uncheck the "Smart operators" option.

We can't see any of the images attached to this post. Could you either re-upload the images or provide more details on your problem (an attached file would be great).

Just a quick update that Maple 2016 can now export matrices up to Excel's limit of 16,384 columns of data.

@nm : Thanks for the report. I've submitted a bug report.

While testing I did notice that this occurs when the code above is entered into an execution group (prompt) and does not occur in a 2-D Document Block.

@Yiannis Galidakis : I believe that you have already discovered this, but for anyone else that is interested, you can add applications to the Maple Application Center through the 'Contribute your work' link on the application center.

A little late, but if anyone is interested in reading more:

Mathematical modeling and analysis of a dark money network

Friday, Jan 8, 14:20

William P. Fox, Sean Everton, Chris Couch


@AndrewG : This specific functionality for BubblePlot was added in Maple 2015.

In Maple 18, I suppose that a similar animation could have been generated using plots:-display and by deconstructing the time series object, however this pretty much defeats the purpose of using the TimeSeries constructor to begin with:

ts := TimeSeries( Sample( Uniform(0,1), [50,3] ) ):
data := GetData( ts ):
dates := GetDates( ts ):
plots:-display( seq( BubblePlot( [data[i,1]], [data[i,2]], [data[i,3]], caption = dates[i]  ), i = 1 .. 50 ), insequence = true ); 

The application posted above is also available to be viewed in the MapleCloud: http://maplecloud.maplesoft.com/application.jsp?appId=5674404327456768

No need to file any additional bug reports. Another user already filed a SCR for this issue and we're looking into it.

@maple fan : The Data Sets search box was updated for Maple 2015.1 to include a permanent reference to the data source in Maple and a hyperlink to the online data source. In addition, the advanced data set search interface was updated with several minor look and feel improvements. You can see an example of the updated search box here: http://www.maplesoft.com/products/maple/Features/Quandl.aspx

I've filed a SCR for this issue. Thanks for reporting it.

Due to a change in the Quandl API, the Quandl library has been deprecated. In Maple 2015, Quandl datasets can now be accessed using the DataSets package.

For more details, see:


When you open a new worksheet, if you aren't asked about how Maple should handle the creation of new Math engines that Markiyan mentioned, you can update the setting for 'Mathematical Engine' in the Options - General tab to either ask you which engine to use, or to always use a shared server for all Maple worksheets.


The Calculus palette was introduced in Maple 18 and is one of the default palettes that are shown on new installs of Maple 18. If you have previously installed Maple, Maple stores the list of palettes that you have open in a preferences file.  When you install Maple 18, you can choose to import your preferences from the previous version, meaning that Maple 18 will not show the Calculus palette by default since isn't in your list of palettes in your preferences file as it didn't exist in previous versions.


Maple doesn't show all of the palettes by default, but if you do want to turn on all the palettes, you can just right click on the palettes and choose 'Show All Palettes'.  If you want to limit this to the default list of palettes for new installs, click on 'Show Default Palettes'.  If you want to customize the list of palettes, right click and choose which palettes to add or remove, or use the 'Arrange Palettes' dialog.

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