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Both options are useful. Once agin many thanks for your help. God bless!


Please, how do I apply the assign command to Osol (the solution of your pptimization problem). I have tried assign(Osol) and assign(%), but it did not work. I would like to access the value of each of the variables by using its name, e.g. a2; a3; a4. Regards


Thanks for your reply. The parameter tau_l, denoting the labor income tax rate, could assume any value between 0 and (say) .3. Regards


Thanks for your help. Indeed, I had a very old version of Maple. I am now using the latest version. Your solution seems to work only for tau_l=.08. In my initial file, it works only for tau_l=.06. What could explain that? How do I set the Digit if I want it to work for all possible values of this parameters? Regards


I have run your file using the latest version of Maple. It works even for all the possible values of the parameter tau_l. Regards


Many thanks for your reply. I have not been able to run the file you attached, but I will keep trying. Regards

Many thanks to all for your help

@Carl Love , Please, how did you select the value assigned to Digits? Does it have to do with the number of equations or variables? I do not think so. Because, I have changed the value assigned to the parameter ppsi to


Maple is not returning any solution but I should have as solution,

a1 = .001429702370;

a2 = .05359982467;

c0 = .04074911445;

c1 = .06013098441;

c2 = .08873162853;

e0 =.2344194943;

h = .5898272762;

h1 =1.456583;

k = .05218750893;

l0 = .1114825847;

l1 = .3373447081;

r = .655446246;

w = .3221564941;

y = .2764103032;

epsilon1 = .04295105598;



@Carl Love , It has worked. I appreciate your help. Many thanks

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