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I am also having trouble with limits when I have indexed
variables.   That is, how do I tell Maple to assume every element of
an indexed variable is positive?

uxb3% maple < te7a

    |\^/|     Maple V Release 3 (Governors State University)

Here, I show that normal limits work.
> int (exp(-x^2),x=3..infinity);

                                1/2         1/2

                          1/2 Pi    - 1/2 Pi    erf(3)

> assume(a>0);

> int(exp(-a*x^2...

How does one take the gradient of a expression involving sums in terms of a set of indexed variables.

I am trying to find the maxima for the satisfaction for a public good from a tax code. The sum represents the total revenue. The tax code is defined as a piecewise linear function of income and indexed variables. The indexed variables represent the points of the kinks and the marginal tax rate for each income bracket. (The set of indexed variables will vary...

I use the eqn feature from Maple to generate troff output.

Each equation is longer than one line. How does one get the eqn/troff
combination to automatically break the equation into multiple lines.

(I tried finding the division point myself and could not do it. I am
generating the output and I have a perl script that puts together the indivdual
equations into the document to be printed. Thus, I need something automatic)

I tried Google and...
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